Monday, 25 December 2006

Hats off to James Brown

Click to go to the Yahoo! articleBad news for Christmas.
JAMES BROWN, one of the biggest soul singers, the inventor of funky, and an influence on any music with some kind of rhythm, from disco to rap, has died.
I'm a big fan of punk-funk (A Certain Ratio, Gang Of Four, Bush Tetras etc.) and I just know these bands wouldn't ever have existed without James Brown.
But the legend, while being remembered for his influence on decades of music, did his own great songs as well... masterpieces like Cold Sweat or Get Up Off That Thang.
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Saturday, 23 December 2006

The Best Of 2006 (and Merry Christmas)

Click to enlarge01 GABRIELLES WISH

Morph The Cat

03 MEW
And The Glass Handed Kites

Oilà Masnada
Pioggia Rosso Acciaio
07 PET SHOP BOYS : Fundamental
08 FRANK BLACK : Fast Man Raider Man
09 MORRISSEY : Ringleader Of The Tormentors

Not many records this year, I wish I could have heard more, this chart is obviously based on the few I've heard.
I guess there have been other great records released this year but my priority was on the artists I already love, I've bought quite some other albums but they've all been released in the past.
For example how could I buy an album released this year by anyone when I hadn't yet the excellent Fin by Crispy Ambulance?
Also no New Order as we were expecting, in fact the band seems about to split, as you can read on New Order Online.
Still, I don't complain as Gabrielles Wish came back with what's probably the best record released in this decade so far, and I don't say this because I'm their webmaster, honest!
I also do the site for Skarnemurta but they're not number 2... well, their excellent album couldn't appear nowhere below number 5 in this chart, actually. It's packed with killer tunes and it's the first for a proper label and distributed nation-wide so they're a sort of best new band for the general audience in Italy.
Personally, Mew have been a great find. Describing them as My Bloody Valentine going prog while meeting Prefab Sprout doesn't even do justice to the innovative vision of pop and rock they have, they're that rare. They've made other albums before, which are definitely worth to have.
Few records, but high quality. And if you're going to talk about high quality you're going to mention the god of quality pop, Donald Fagen from the mighty Steely Dan. Other great frontmen made their solo comebacks: Frank Black from the legendary Pixies, Morrissey (20 years ago The Smiths were about to split) and Federico Fiumani, usually known as Diaframma.
Marlene Kuntz released a fantastic live album and Riccardo Tesio found the time to produce Un Altro Giorno D'Amore, the wonderful debut album by Kessler which almost made the Top 10.
Another great album bubbling under is Incontri A Metà Strada by Riccardo Sinigallia, the genius behind many beautiful records of the Roman scene (from Tiromancino to Niccolò Fabi and Max Gazzè).
The top 10 is completed by two fabulous synth pop albums: from England we have the return to form of Pet Shop Boys and in Italy we've had yet another great album from Delta V.
I've also downloaded quite some tracks from iTunes, both old and new, for example I have the original vinyl of Crispy Ambulance's The Plateau Phase, which doesn't include the bonus tracks of the CD, which I have downloaded from iTunes, I'm definitely more willing to spend 3 Euros on tracks I want than buying the entire CD or downloading them from illegal file sharing. Also, while I'm not entirely convinced to buy the new Robbie Williams album I firmly believe his cover of Lewis Taylor's Lovelight is one of the best songs of the year, definitely worth to be downloaded.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2007, hoping to continue the tradition seeing every year finishing with 7 bringing great music.
Check the Records Of The Years section in Mick's Mix to see the previous years charts since 2001.

Friday, 1 December 2006

I Section 25 in Italia!

I Section 25, leggendaria band della Factory Records riformatasi da poco, suoneranno giovedì 7 dicembre al Club Iroko a Salerno (in Via Largo Campo). Ecco il programma completo del club. Un'occasione unica per vedere uno storico gruppo post punk.
Qui sotto potete vedere il video di New Horizon, (un brano tratto dal loro album di debutto Always Now, prodotto da Martin Hannett), registrato dal vivo in maggio a Poulton, al loro primo concerto dopo 20 anni!
Il video proviene dal loro sito ufficiale, da cui è linkato anche il video di Friendly Fires.
Per maggiori informazioni sui Section 25 (discografia inclusa) è consigliatissima una visita su Cerysmatic Factory.
I loro album sono stati ripubblicati, con l'aggiunta dei singoli e dei B sides, dalla LTM Records.